Namibian Standards Council (NSC)


"The NSI was founded in 2008 and since its inception it has fully become of age by fully meeting and adhering to the Standards Act 2005. In alignment with its core ideologies and the National Development vision 2030, it is fulfiling its mandate for contributing towards the Namibian economy." - Outgoing Chairperson Dr Martha Kandawa-Schulz

Council Members

  1. Dr Martha Kandawa- Schulz (Chairperson);
  2. Ms Asteria Nasheya;
  3. Dr Moses Maurihungirire;
  4. Mr Tileinge Sagarias Andima;
  5. Ms Phortune Dina Karongee;
  6. Mr Edwin Dennis Beukes;
  7. Mr Thomas Shikondjeni Nashixwa;
  8. Mr Michael Gaweseb; and
  9. Mrs Chie Wasserfall (CEO)