NSI Metrology accreditation status undergoes voluntary suspension

16 Jan 2017

The Namibian Standards Institution’s Metrology division is in the process of re-locating to new premises during the end of January, to be able to offer improved and expanded scope of metrology services. As a result of this process, the division has requested for voluntary suspension of its accreditation status by SADC Accreditation Services (SADCAS). The suspension is effective from 02 January 2017 to 31 March 2017. The following services are affected by this voluntary suspension:

•         Mass Metrology, accreditation number CAL-8 002

•         Volume Metrology, accreditation number CAL-9 003

During this period, the division will continue to offer the above scope of services, however the certificates and calibration stickers will not bear the logo of the accreditation body (SADCAS).

It is envisaged that the accreditation status will be restored as soon as the relocation process is completed and SADCAS has re-assessed the new facility.

The NSI’s CEO Chie Wasserfall explained that voluntary suspension does not imply any compromise to the technical competence, measurement traceability and the management system of the laboratory.  “During this voluntary suspension and re-location period the NSI’s Metrology division will continue to offer the services with the same level of competence as offered before, the accreditation status simply needs to re-assessed and confirmed at the new premises.” She said.

Metrology is the science and practice of precision measurements, the drive of facilitating world trade. The division is responsible for the maintenance of National Measurement System in the country and the administration of the Trade Metrology Act No. 77 of 1973, as amended.

The NSI’s Metrology division offers services to the fishing, mining, fuel, and medical industry among other industries. The division became fully operational on the 1st April 2011 and further obtained its first accreditation status for mass and volume in 2013 through SADCAS and has continued to maintain the accreditation status until 31 December 2016.

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