About Standards Development & Coordination

The overarching function of the NSI is the development of Namibian Standards including the Standards Code of Practice and Specifications (SCPS). Standards are agreed, and documented rules and processes approved by a recognised body, such as the NSI, that provides for common and repeated use, rules, guidelines or characteristics for products or related processes and production methods with which compliance is not mandatory.   Standard represent the best practices within an industry and can be divided into three categories:

  • Products: The quality and safety of goods and services.
  • Processes: The conditions under which products and services are to be produced, refined and packaged.
  • Management Systems: Systems that help organisations to manage their operations are often used to create a framework within which an organisation consistently achieves the requirements as set out in product and process standards.

The NSI has established Technical Committees (TCs) to assist with the preparation, adoption, and publication of standards in accordance with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Code of Good Practice for the Preparation, Adoption and Application of Standards to which the NSI subscribes.

Standards Development

Contact: Manager Standards Publications, Sales & Information

  Ms. Lahya Hambinga
  Manager: Standards Publications, Sales & Information
  +264 61 386 400/499

Contact: Manager Standards Development

Ms. Rosina Shiimbashike
  Manager: Standards Development
  +264 61 386 432

Complaints to be sent to:

  Mr. Jekonia Haufiku
  GM: Standards Development & Coordination
  +264 61 386 400/409