Customer Service Charter

The NSI’s Customer Service Charter aims to demonstrate the NSI’s commitment towards internal and external customers with regard to service delivery. The charter provides a framework on how NSI deals with customer relations.

The NSI is committed to:

  • Respond to all stakeholder and customer requests within the specified timeframe.
  • Provide fast and efficient service within an agreed timeframe of the original request, i.e. the selling of standards or provision of certification, inspection, testing or metrology services
  • Satisfy current and potential stakeholders with quality service and product delivery;
  • Provide all stakeholders, whether individual or organization with information within an agreed upon time frame of the original request;
  • Conduct all its certification, inspection, testing and metrology services in line with its documented procedures to ensure quality and reliability of results;
  • Ensure creditors are paid within 30 days from invoice.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders/customers that need assistance or information receives the attention they deserve.

Telephone/ Fax/ Email enquiries

When a person requires information from the NSI they will immediately be transferred to the most relevant person in the NSI. Should the most appropriate NSI employee not be available all detail must be recorded and transferred to the most relevant person to respond within five (5) working days. For emails or faxes, the NSI employee must acknowledge receiving the request or query within one working day.

Enquiries via website

Should the NSI receive an enquiry via the website, the Corporate Communications Officer (CCO) will acknowledge receipt via email and copy (cc) the most relevant person. The enquiry will be distributed by the CCO to the most relevant person immediately. The NSI commits to respond to all web enquiries via e-mail within five (5) working days.

Stakeholder/customer visits to the NSI Offices or Premises

Should a person visit the NSI offices or premises, the visitor will be directed to the most relevant person by the receptionist. Should this most appropriate person not be available, the visitor will be directed to the next most relevant person. The NSI shall assist the visitor immediately, or if this is not possible, the available staff should take the details of the visitor and revert to the person via phone, fax or e-mail, within three (3) working days.

NSI Employee visits to the stakeholder offices or premises

Should an NSI employee visit a stakeholder’s/customer’s office or premise to deliver a specific service (i.e. certification or inspection), the employee pledges to conduct themselves in a professional and friendly manner as per the NSI Code of Conduct and Ethics.

  • Complaints can be raised by contacting the Corporate Communications Officer via phone, e-mail or the website, who shall log the complaint on the customer complaints register and thereafter direct the complaints to the relevant General Manager or designated person e.g Quality Assurance Officer.
  • Complaints raised directly to departments will be handled as per departmental procedures e.g. Certification complaints procedures. Stakeholders/customers are advised to provide as much detail as possible and add the names of individuals where available.
  • The NSI undertakes to acknowledge receipt of the complaint within one (1) day and to revert to the complainant within five (5) working days. A complaint shall be closed only when both parties mutually agree.
  • The NSI furthermore pledges to promote equality and fair treatment of all stakeholder/customer complaints.

A person aggrieved by a decision of the NSI relating to any service offered may appeal to the CEO against that decision. Appeals should be done in writing to the CEO.

All information provided to the NSI by a stakeholder/customer shall be treated confidential and not be disclosed to a third party without prior written consent or approval by the stakeholder/customer.

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