Safety Health and Environmental Policy

Our approach to safety, security, health and the environment is closely aligned to our mission of “promoting standardization of products for the safety of consumers, protection of the environment and improved access to global markets”, and underpins our vision of “to be recognised as the centre of excellence for standardization in Namibia”.  The NSI board of directors, management and employees are committed to our main safety objective of “NO HARM” to our employees, customers, stakeholders and the natural environment.  Our core values of stakeholder and customer centricity, responsiveness, integrity, ethics and respect for people enable us to build a strong safety performance driven culture.

SHE plays as important a role in our way of doing business sustainably. Our SHE Policy is used as a means of leading the organisation towards achieving our organisational and SHE objectives through:

  • Regarding the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders as top priority;
  • Ensuring that we comply with all applicable legislative instruments in Namibia governing Occupational Health Safety and the Environment, and other requirements.
  • Not compromising our values and continually seeking ways to promote and improve the health of our people and reducing our impact on the environment;
  • Identifying, assessing and managing risks to employees, clients, stakeholders, the environment and the public;
  • Upholding ethical and best business practices;
  • Rendering of quality services to our clients and implement the required environmental care ensuring a safe and healthy workplaces;
  • Making our people an integral part of decision making;
  • Continually improving the SHE competencies of our employees through ongoing training;
  • Establishing a long term relationship with our clients; and
  • Through living our culture and making our SHE Policy top priority in the organisation.

A key focus is the realisation of our No Harm philosophy through instilling a culture of safety within the organisation. This ties back to our core values of stakeholder and customer centricity, responsiveness, integrity, ethics and respect for people.

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