Standards Development Process

The development process of standards involves major collective effort. Standards, particularly national standards are not developed from an individual and it should reflect prevailing situations and requirements in the country. This is normally achieved by a process of extensive consultations with experts representing all sides of opinion and all interested groups. The consultation process is usually activated through a system of Technical Committees (TCs).

Any person or organization can request the NSI, in writing to develop a new standard. The request would normally be passed to the managers of Standards development for initial investigation and then an appropriate Technical Committee for research and evaluation against national imperatives and interests of the community and industry. Once the need for a national standard has been identified and the type of standard required has been established. A standards officer will be assigned to the project/technical committee. The standards officer will act as liaison person between NSI and the relevant TC and will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the standards development procedures.

The development of Namibian standards undergoes a number of stages. These stages are as follows:

  1. Proposal/Request stage
  2. Preparatory stage
  3. Committee stage
  4. Public Enquiry stage
  5. Ratification stage
  6. Publication stage

Standards Development